5 Great Reasons to Build a Custom Home

There are a lot of choices to make when looking for a new home and none are more essential than deciding whether to buy an existing home or build a home. Custom homes in particular bring some truly unique advantages to the table and it’s important to consider them when you are in the market for a new home.

1. Reap the benefits of the latest innovations in home health

It’s never been more important to live in a home that makes your lifestyle healthier. Long gone are the days of asbestos and lead paint in home construction, but there are many more benefits you will receive when building a new custom home. Among them:

  • Avoid mold and rot thanks to improved building methods and better materials. Advances in construction have happened from foundation to your roof to prevent water damage and the mold it breeds.
  • Greatly reduced exposure to harmful chemicals thanks to the utilization of non-toxic building materials and products. Substances like formaldehyde in insulation, harmful organic compounds in adhesives and sealants, and debilitating elements in paint are now avoided at all costs protecting your health far more than homes built even 20 years ago.
  • Custom home builders work to create improved passive airflow and fresh air exchange through appropriate placement of windows and doors in your home. Removing stale, static air is key to your comfort and health.
  • Improved safety protocols and design concepts throughout the building process make you far safer than many existing homes. By locating areas of high toxicity and combustible materials (such as the garage and utility room) away from bedrooms and primary living spaces, not to mention improved smoke alarm location and attention to carbon monoxide levels.

Safer homes require less maintenance and are naturally more energy efficient, making them better for your family and your pocketbook!

2. A home designed just for you and your family

With custom homes you’re the decision maker for every step of the process. You choose the type of flooring, paint and hardware finishes, and have as much input as you desire. The ability to design and have input in the building process will help you create a home that is suited to your individual tastes and style. Your custom home builder will work with you to help you figure out what you truly want and what’s best for your family’s unique lifestyle. Whether it’s frequently entertaining guests, cooking in a big league way, or making sure you age comfortably in place; your builder will make sure your home matches your lifestyle and unique wishes! It starts at making sure you pick the perfect lot by consulting with you on the shape and topography of the home site to maximize views, space, and natural features.

3. Advanced technology improvements save you MONEY

There have been a lot of improvements in home construction recently, many of them geared towards saving you money over the long haul. Newly constructed homes are much more energy efficient thanks to incorporating the latest technological advances in green systems and energy efficient appliances like high efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning units, and more. Newly constructed homes also take advantage of improvements in creating a tighter-sealed build envelope, keeping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter from escaping your home inadvertently. High efficiency doors, insulation, windows, and appliances will save you thousands of dollars over time.

4. Your home appreciates in value faster

A new home appreciates quicker during the first 5 years you own it than an existing home. The limited supply of custom homes provides stable and increasing prices for them as opposed to an existing home over that same five year span.

5. New homes cost less to run and maintain

By avoiding the years of wear and tear that existing homes have already went through, you will save money. You’ve heard of the proverbial “Money Pit” home, something that may look beautiful from the outside but is a hidden trap of surprise costs all over, but really any existing home is likelier to be more expensive to maintain and maintenance. That’s because today’s newly built homes are engineered and designed specifically to minimize maintenance cost and be energy efficient, saving you money and time.